Become an Accredited Social Impact Consultant
11 September 2019 - Impact Hub

The Team at Huber Social will be back in New Zealand in October for the Huber Social Accreditation Course! For Waikato based consultants in the Wellbeing space, this is an excellent opportunity which is being offered at a discounted rate for Impact Hub Waikato members.


Huber Social has developed a measurement system to assess, measure and improve levels of Collective Wellbeing at an individual, community and national level. Learn how to measure impact in terms of Wellbeing, alongside outcomes and driving factors, for actionable results in your  organisation or to apply to others.

Starting with the needs of people and target outcomes, Huber Social Impact Consultants measure what really matters in order to direct resources to have the greatest impact.


Huber Social recognises the Wellbeing of people as the overall measure of all social impact. We work with organisations to understand the needs of the people they work with to improve their Wellbeing and achieve specific program outcomes.

The Huber Social mission is to seek and accelerate the most promising opportunities to create  collective Wellbeing; a society that systematically improves the lives of those in need, where we value our vulnerable, and in leaving no one behind, we rise together.

Our objective is to spread the use of our social impact measurement system worldwide, to accelerate its impact and improve Wellbeing for everyone.

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