Support an impact business this season by choosing to Shop Impact! Impact businesses around the world are solving societal and environmental problems through business, and are attempting some of the most brave, creative ventures you may never have heard about.

What is business for impact? Impact businesses are focused on creating solutions to problems in the community and the environment. They may take on the problem of clothing or food waste in our landfills, period poverty, helping people overcome anxiety, or reducing vehicle emissions in our environment.

Impact Hub Waikato are home to a community of Impact entrepreneurs, and this year we’ve selected a group of impact enterprises who have products for sale online. Stretch your Christmas dollar a little further this year by making a purchase and spreading the word.



If you are looking to ditch the plastic in your lunchbox, Honeywrap will offer you the most gorgeous collection of beeswax wraps you have ever seen. Since its start in 2013, Honeywrap customers have saved over 20 million metres of plastic wrap ending up in landfill and our oceans. They have a fantastic 30% discount deal on for Christmas – check it out!



Nisa is an underwear label that aims to help refugee women from the bottom up. By purchasing a piece from Nisa, you are helping to support migrant women into work, providing them with meaningful and interesting paid work, while at the same time getting yourself some kiss-ass undies.

Savour + Bloom


By purchasing a grounding bracelet from Savour + Bloom, you are helping to raise awareness of mental health issues, while simultaneously supporting a social enterprise who give back to mental health. Grounding bracelets offer a method for dealing with anxiety and depression and can be worn in support of someone you know and love. They are also pretty darned cute…



Get the coffee lover in your life an Idealcup this Christmas and prevent plastic waste in the environment while supporting Starship hospital. Idealcup have created a reusable cup, manufactured in nz, with a circular recycling system which makes a single use cup a ‘mission possible’. Also, the mix n’ match design process is super fun!

The Cookie Project


If you are craving for Christmas cookies then you absolutely must try The Cookie Project’s delicious range of cookies, made with premium NZ ingredients and tackling inequality in NZ with every crunch. The Cookie Project is a social enterprise that employs Kiwi’s with disabilities to make their cookies, and through their inclusive employment framework they are making a difference in the lives of our disabled community.



CaliWoods are working hard to make a sustainable life easier and exciting through a range of awesome eco products, fresh ideas and motivating information. Inspired by her love of the ocean, nature and a strong desire to reduce plastic pollution and inspire a love of nature, Shay’s products come in cute eco-friendly packaging so would make a great Christmas gift!

Under the Bird


Under the Bird feature ethically sourced products from Samoa, where traditional Samoan jewelery, including pieces made of lopa (a bright red nut) popo (coconut wood) and tapa (a fabric made of plant fibre). Choose something Pacific, funky and bright this Christmas from their range of gorgeous earrings.

The Good Registry

Are you looking for a spot on trending gift for Secret Santa this year? The Good Registry have an ingenious alternative to unwanted gifts, and all the unnecessary waste they bring. Good Registry gift cards allow you to nominate the dollar amount you wish to give, and the receiver can select from more than 60 charities to donate it back to.



Ethique are on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste and YOU can be a part of it! Grown out of a Kiwi kitchen, Ethique have stopped over 6 million plastic bottles from being made and disposed of into landfills. Shop from their amazing range of beauty bars including a delightful Christmas packs and make your contribution reducing plastic waste in NZ.

Indigo & Iris


By purchasing an i&i product this Christmas, you will be helping to cure preventable blindness in the Pacific, or empowering women to achieve economic independence by providing professional attire and development tools through Dress for Success.

Bead and Proceed


Not only will you and your friends/family be learning more about the 17 SDGs, but for every kit purchased, a second kit is donated to a low decile school or a deserving community organisation. Great for educators!

Āio Clothing


By purchasing a piece of Aio Clothing you help Aio to pioneer the technology required to revolutionize the way we source materials, and subsequently reduce the amount of clothing waste heading to landfill.


Expressions of Winter


Are you looking for unique and beautiful gifts for your children that are NOT made of plastic? The creative women behind Expressions of Winter have developed a range of beautiful wooden toys made by hand here in Aotearoa. You will have to get in quick as they are selling out fast!

Go Eco


By purchasing from Go Eco this Christmas you help this Charitable Trust to achieve their vision of healthy environments supported by thriving communities. Their shop is stocked full of stylish, high quality products that are kind to the earth and supportive of the community.

Our gift to you!

Merry Christmas!

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